The complete, safe, secure, online system to manage your records for ALL Animal Rescue Centres, Sanctuaries, Boarding Kennels and Catteries

PATCH is the complete animal services management system (incorporating Fostering, Adoption and Boarding Care) that has been created to help animal care organisations manage records and provide information to pet owners and supporters. PATCH tracks the care of animals from first referral all the way through to rehoming with a full progress history of all associated actions and events. All care is managed, with complete confidence and absolute security. You can collect and report on information about animals needing rehoming and families, from first referral all the way through the looked after process with space to record unlimited case notes

Secure and fully hosted web-based cloud solution.

PATCH stores all your data and all your documents securely in this country with one of the UK’s leading providers UKFast who use dedicated data centres with ultra-fast connectivity, guaranteed uptime and disaster recovery plans ensuring our applications are always available.



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Data Management

We treat data management at ACN as integral to the entire process and over the past 15 years we’ve developed several strategies to ensure your data is constantly up to date so that inspections and reporting is made as seamless as possible.

Data Consistency. You will be entering carer and pets details only once. No separate lists of referrals, enquiries, placements, vacancies, duty information – all of these can be generated from PATCH.

Dashboard - The dashboards are used to maintain and summerise all the data in PATCH. These are tailored to user roles and contain multiple areas i.e. ‘All animals without a key worker’ or ‘All animals who haven't been placed for 2 months’. The dashboards are initially and continually tailored to meet your exact needs.

Required Fields - PATCH requires data to be entered in the correct format before records can be saved. This includes dates and drop down list to ensure data is recorded consistently.

Update Monitor - Any logins to PATCH are logged with the user details and IP Address, once a data modification is made PATCH logs the date, username, original value and the new value meaning accidental changes to data can be recovered.

Telephone Hotline Support - In-house UK based

You actually get to speak to people – not automated telephone menus. Service level agreements guarantee a speedy response to any questions that may arise.

The support is provided by a dedicated support team backed up by skilled software developers, business and project managers, and administrators who are all experienced in working in the UK’s public, private and charitable sectors.

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Accessible from anywhere at anytime

All you need is an internet connection and the cheapest tablet available (£70.00). You are no longer dependant on being in the office or at your desk. Printing personal information or taking unique files offsite is a security breach so everything is accessible through PATCH.

Microchip Registration and tracking services with PETtrac

Using PATCH with PETrac allows you to register and browse a national database of chipped animals. If you're registering or re-registering an animal then PATCH will automatically send the registration details to PETtrac. If an animal comes in and the chip isn’t matched to an animal in PATCH then PETtrac adds the record directly into PATCH.



Secure and unlimited storage of documents

PATCH allows organisations to go paperless and we do this by converting your paper documents into electronic forms\templates. The cost, duplication and effort to record actions on pieces of paper is no longer needed as the information can be added directly into PATCH. Its no longer acceptable to have personal information unsecure or misplaced and paperwork is the primary problem.

External Forms \ Assessments

The flexibility of PATCH allows you to integrate any form or assessment process. You could be using a combination of internal, RSPCA and Dangerous dog assessments forms which can all be added, monitored and reported on.

Online chat feature

A live chat has been added into PATCH so staff members can communicate quickly within PATCH outside the constraints of email.

Communication options: letters, email and SMS

Electronic communication is an integral feature in PATCH and any record with an Address, Email address or Mobile number can be contacted using a combination or standard letters, emails or SMS’s. ACN will convert all your letters into mail merge documents and associate them to animals, staff and adopters.

Boarding Kennel Module

You can now manage the day to day recordings (medication, incidents, feeds, walking etc.) directly into PATCH using the boarding kennel app, simply take a picture and add some comments.

OMG (Outlook Mail Grabber) - Add emails directly into PATCH

Staff can manage referrals with no fuss. OMG sits in Outlook and on the click of (another) button it saves the referral into PATCH; copies the email text to the associated running record; and saves any attachments against the animal or adopter record.

Staff Management

With the relevant permissions you can record personal details, photos, appraisals, DBS (CRB) Checks, Qualifications and Training Management.

Duty Alerts

Progress actions recorded by the duty animal care worker are flagged up to office/admin staff to ensure any critical actions are not overlooked.

Reporting Suite

PATCH already has a wealth of reports but this requirement changes daily and ACN will add any new report requests into PATCH within 2 weeks. Each report can be printed, previewed on screen, output to MS Excel, PDF, or Word files and all of this is free of charge.

Cost Effective

The technology behind PATCH has been in active use across the UK for the last 15 years and has grown in the wealth of features it provides. However we have striven to keep the price down in recognition of the budget constraints placed on Animal Care organisations.

Security - is paramount and all your information is protected

2 factor Authentication - The login to PATCH requires an initial email address with a password and if this is successful your taken to the second stage where you're required to enter random characters from a predefined passphrase.

Periodic Password changes - PATCH enforces users to change credentials periodically. We also enforce strong passwords. All passwords are ‘hashed’ which means only the user will know the password.

Database Administration - One or two staff members in your organisation will be trained as database administrators who will control data management and user accounts.

User Permissions and Roles - Each staff member with a login account to PATCH will be given tailored user permissions for each action and area within PATCH. Local database administrators maintain these permissions.


ACN undertake a stringent business analysis day which includes identifying training roles and equipment. This is essential for the training as we will split staff into roles and train them accordingly i.e. staff taking referrals wouldn’t necessarily record daily logs so the training is role specific. We can train onsite or in our dedicated training suite and all course’s come with an evaluation and certificate.

ACN Learning

Data Import \ Migration \ Input

With our dedicated data analyst team we guarantee data imports from your existing setup, and the only way we can guarantee this is if we can’t import it then we’ll manually enter it.

Accessible for all devices

In the office, from your desk, at home, with a client using phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s PATCH is accessible. Using the PATCH app daily logs, incidents or any kind of activity in the boarding kennels can easily be recorded directly into PATCH.

Petplan - Electronic Integration

The registration of animals with PETplan can be fully completed electronically through PATCH. As soon as an animal is placed with an adopter the record appears in the PETPlan section in PATCH. The system then takes the user and adopter through the agreement declarations and produces the required documentation for the adopter and sends the insurance data directly to PETPlan.



Animal Availability and Electronic Enquiries

ACN have developed an add on which can be completely integrated with your current website so that on intake each animal may appear, with photo and information instantly on your website. Potential families can view this information and enter an enquiry which is added directly into PATCH.

Find A Family

This feature uses predefined matching characteristics – breed, size, hair length, sex, medical needs etc. to identify potential adopters. The results are displayed on a OVI map where you can use the postcode search to find the best match. You can then report on how many pets have been offered to particular families or from specific areas.

Electronic signatures

Any user with a login to PATCH can electronically sign actions against animals, adopters and staff. ACN are currently working on a phone application so anyone can sign actions in PATCH.

Reminders | Diary

Admin staff can manage recurring actions as reminders (assessments, vet/nurse checks etc.) so that nothing is ever overlooked.

Outcome tracking module

The individual outcome tracker allows you to monitor your animals against a standard set or questions over a period of time. Each instance is timestamped allowing you to show progression or regression over a period of time.

Mobile Application

We’re quite conscious that the requirement to perform actions away from your desk\computer is an integral part of your day and the simplest way to do this was on a piece of paper. To get around this we’ve created electronic forms and an app where you can use your mobile phone\tablet to record daily logs, walking, incidents, feeding episodes etc. directly into PATCH.

Training Module

This section is a full training administration system where you can enrol not only staff but animals and adopters as well. You can create courses, manage attendance and waiting lists whilst producing confirmation letters and certificates. The outcomes are all recorded against the relevant records in PATCH showing entire training histories.

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ACN include all the relevant advice and regulation on the front screen of PATCH which is available to all users.

PATCH User Community - New Features

As a user of PATCH, you have influence over how future versions of the system should work. We take a great deal of time listening to your feedback to ensure you are happy with the system, We are constantly keeping an eye on regulations and will endeavour to attend or create events and conferences. we are also looking at periodic regional development meetings.


In Manchester and London, ACN is ideally situated, providing ready access to all areas of the UK. Our offices and training suites are in easy reach (200 metres from Piccadilly mainline railway station in Manchester and 100 metres from Stratford International Station in East London) for the increasing number of customers taking advantage of our training courses.


In the words of David Foulds, Chief Executive, Jerry Green Dog Rescue :

"Jerry Green Dog Rescue have been working with ACN to develop the PATCH animal management system. Throughout the process we have been impressed with the collaborative and client focused approach taken by ACN, and are already seeing the benefits of the system. We are looking forward to its full implementation other near future and would not hesitate in recommending ACN as a database partner."